This year theme, Fun in the Summer of Love, is a 50th

This is just the beginning of the advanced tech the new E Class is packing, too. The LED headlamps are now even more intelligent and respond quicker to oncoming cars, while the Digital Vehicle Key allows you to unlock the car using your smartphone.It’s not the only smartphone tech Mercedes has developed for this new model, either. A new system called Remote Parking Pilot lets you control the car using a bespoke app, so you can tuck the E Class away in a tight parking bay or garage without risking dinging the doors when you get out.

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cash advance online Vendors include the Castroville Artichoke Festival (fried artichokes, artichoke enchiladas and artichoke lumpias); Maha Cuisine Catering (pita wraps, kabobs and hot wings); and the Monterey County 4 H (tri tip plates, hot dogs, breakfast burritos and ice cream). Other foods include kettle corn, crawfish bisque, corn on the cob and roasted peanuts. This year theme, Fun in the Summer of Love, is a 50th anniversary tribute to 1967 Summer of Love. cash advance online

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